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Stone Pit 9

The project is adjacent to London Road A226, Stone, Kent and is known as Stonepits 9 & 9a. The principal comprises of the import of inert waste, from the Greater London area, to repair and restore the existing landfill cap. There will be associated landscape and ecological enhancements to re- restore the site.

The end use of the site will be determined by consultation with the local community, but is likely to comprise of informal and formal recreational facilities.

Our aim is to achieve a high quality natural open green space at Stone, on an existing landfill site, creating an area for enjoyment and an educational resource for local schools and community groups with the wildlife rich area.


Stonepit 2

Stone Pit 2

Located within the Parish of Stone between the towns of Dartford and Gravesend to the South of the River Thames, Stone falls within the boundaries of Dartford Borough Council and forms a part of the Thames Gateway and more specifically a part of the Kent Thameside regeneration area illustrated by specific government policies relating to the expansion and regeneration of this land.

The proposed residential development at Stonepit 2 seeks to make use of the land that was a previously excavated dormant chalk quarry and thus bringing forward a new beneficial end use to meet local housing and community needs.

Frontiers Developments Ltd has been contracted on this project to fully manage the entire fill operation from sourcing the inert fill, to placing materials and achieving the compaction specification required by all of the consultant engineers and the recognised NHBC for the benefit of redevelopment on completion of the site.

Frontiers Developments Ltd is committed to ensuring that during our operation all relevant environmental policies are adhered to and will work very closely with The Environment Agency throughout the life of the project. Frontiers Developments Ltd has one of the most advanced landfills in the UK with our strict regime including CCTV, photographic evidence of every load and a GPS system recording the tipping areas on an hourly basis.

In order to achieve the overarching version of the operation at Stonepit 2 , Frontiers Developments Ltd has a sophisticated lorry washing facility to ensure that no discomfort is caused to the local community. All lorries prior to leaving the site have to pass through three different types of cleaning facilities ranging from a bath to the high speed wheel spinning plant and then on to a fully automated high pressure cleanse before our operators' visual inspection on the exit route.

We believe that we have introduced a beneficial regeneration programme and aim to achieve the maximum professional approach at all times at Stonepit 2.



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